On-site solar power can be used by various types of Consumers. On-site solar power helps you maximize the potential of your rooftop and property.

  • Year round production of power
  • Maximum generation during peak daytime
  • Immediate reduction in power bills
  • Add to aesthetics of your rooftop / property
  • Factories Factories
  • Educational InstitutesEducational Institutes
  • Commercial Buildings Commercial Buildings
  • Factories Warehouses
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On-site solar is suited to a variety of rooftops. Solar plants can be installed on concrete roofs as well as GI sheds. They can be adapted for use as Parking Lots, Rooftop Cafeterias and other such multi-purpose uses.

  • RCC Roofs
  • GI Sheds
  • Parking Areas
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You can put your rooftop to work by investing in a solar power plant for your premises. The plant substitutes your peak daytime power cost. In addition, investment in solar power plants is eligible for 100% depreciation in the first year itself. With grid power getting more expensive by the year, your investment will break even in 4 to 5 years, with free power from the system for its life thereafter.

Generate your own Power

You can benefit from solar even if you prefer purchasing only solar power rather than investing in a solar power plant. Sunshot facilitates supply of solar power on a Build-Own-Operate basis, where Consumers pay only for the power generated from the solar plant located on their premises. Sourcing solar power gives you a natural hedge to rising grid power cost without making any investment. All you need to do is give your roof!

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