Rooftop Solar Power Solution for Hotels in India

Unlike many other industrial and commercial sectors, hotels industry is unique, its major focus is on the uninterrupted customer experience, service, and luxury for 24/7 on the premises. No part of the guest experience can be compromised, which demands continuous power supply from power distribution companies and diesel generators leading to consumption of high tariff power from distribution companies and heavy diesel consumption for power generation during high demand or peak hours. Heavy use of Diesel generators also contributes to polluting the environment. Nowadays there are many guests, particularly for star-rated hotels, who are increasingly seeking for green hotels.

In the hotel industry, air conditioning is usually the heaviest load, accounting for more than half the energy consumption. Having a rooftop solar for hotels can help them save 15% – 20% of overall annual power consumption and reducing carbon emission to a great extent.

Sunshot Technologies, India’s pioneering rooftop solar company has installed its third state of the art 244 kWp solar rooftop plant at the Rama International hotel, Aurangabad.

Rahul Dasari, CEO & Co-founder of Sunshot Technologies mentioned  “Such initiatives are a great way of embracing sustainability among the corporates and should be adopted by all industrial and commercial entities.”

The plant at Rama International Hotel will generate approximately 3.7 Lakh carbon free units per year and will yield savings worth Rs 51 Lacs annually. It is the first hotel in the city to take up this initiative. The hotel currently consumes 16.5 lakh units a year and will now be able to reduce that by approx. 20 % with the help of its solar plant. The solar plant at Rama International comprises of high-efficiency modules and inverters and has been designed to withstand high-intensity winds and harsh climatic days.

ITC Hotels and Resorts has reinforced its commitment to sustainability by installing a rooftop solar plant at its hotel in Aurangabad.

Sunshot technologies have been the partner of choice for several hotel brands like Taj, Sarovar Portico and now has the honor of partnering with Aurangabad’s biggest hotel – ITC’s Rama international.

Solar for HotelsNoorya-Hometel-003


203 kWp & 75 kWp  rooftop solar power plants at Taj Madras Flight Kitchen, Chennai  &  Noorya Hometel (A Sarovar Portico Group Hotel), Pune

With the intention of reducing their carbon footprint and reducing overall costs, the three companies had realized that installing a solar plant was a rational decision. Solar technology is a proven solution for reducing electricity bills and is now being widely adopted by most businesses in the country.  Till date, Sunshot has installed 170+ rooftop solar plants for commercial & industrial entities in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala & Tamil Nadu.

Sunshot is proud to construct rooftop solar power plant at Mumbai International Airport (4.6 MW) & Bangalore International Airport (3.35 MW). The power plant at Bangalore International Airport.

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