Rooftop Solar For Dairy Industry | S. R. Thorat Milk Products

S. R. Thorat Milk Products Pvt. Ltd., Sangamner a Dairy industry has gone solar by installing a 124 kWp solar power plant.

The installation at Sangamner has been one of the finest installations with the best-in-class equipment. The design philosophy is to maximize generation per sq. ft of the roof as the roof is limited.

Of the total capacity, 290 modules are pasted on metal sheet rooftop of the processing unit and 70 modules are installed on RCC rooftop. These modules are high power 345 Wp modules. The ‘twin-peak’ series modules constitute of smaller half-cut cells. The smaller size cells reduce internal resistance, increasing output.  With this, half cut cells arrangement takes on a different behaviour pattern in shaded conditions which can help achieve an increase in overall energy yield. The modules use ‘PERC’ (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology – a dielectric passivation layer is added to the back of the cell. Due to that more light is absorbed and higher internal reflectivity is experienced. The inverters that are installed are smart IP65 rating protected. These inverters have 8 strings intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting facility. These are one of the most efficient inverters, with efficiency of 98.8%.

On the metal sheet roof, the safety of workers was a major concern during the installation of solar power plant. The slope of the roof is about 15 degrees. We have installed proper safety railing of 0.8 meters height. Also, organised walkways with lifeline is installed. For extra safety, safety mesh of nylon material is put on skylight.

The solar power plant in this dairy industry generates about 500 units of electricity on a bright sunny day. Annually, it will generate about 1.8 Lakh units of electricity. The power generated through solar will replace 10-15% of total energy consumption.

The solar plant is also synchronized with diesel generators along with the grid through Sunshot’s propitiatory controllers. Sunshot has installed state of the art IoT based Online monitoring and analytics system which allows remote control of the solar power plants.

Following are the benefits of on-site rooftop solar power generation to the dairy industry, people in the locality and the environment –

  • As maximum electric power in the dairy industry is consumed by chilling units, having on-premise solar power generation reduces considerable per unit cost of electricity
  • Operation & maintenance of the solar power installation can create employment & business opportunities in the region
  • Solar power generation modules installed on rooftop keeps ambient temperature of the plant in control

100 kWp of clean solar power generation is equivalent to a reduction in 140T CO2 emission

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