Sunshot Technologies commissioned rooftop Solar power Plant at Carnival Infopark, Cochin, Kerala!

Sunshot has installed its state of the art 350 kWp rooftop solar power plant at the Carnival Infopark, Cochin in the state of Kerala.

Rahul Dasari, CEO & Co-founder of Sunshot Technologies mentioned “Rooftop solar power generation at commercial & industrial infrastructure is a commercially viable opportunity. Such initiatives are a great way of embracing sustainability among the corporates and should be adopted by all industrial and commercial entities.”

The power plant at Carnival Infopark will generate approximately 5.4 Lakh units per year and will yield savings worth RS 31 Lacs annually. This will help the city of Cochin save 440 Tons of CO2 emissions every year.

It is the first IT park in Kerala to take up this initiative. The solar plant at Carnival Infopark comprises of high-efficiency modules and inverters and has been designed to withstand high-intensity winds and harsh climatic days.

Sunshot technologies have been the partner of choice for several IT conglomerates and IT Parks like Cognizant- Chennai, Persistent Technologies- Pune, Gateway Office Parks by Shriram- Chennai, Panchshil It Park- Pune and now has the honour of partnering with Carnival Infopark, Cochin.

Solar technology is a proven solution for reducing electricity bills and is now being widely adopted by most businesses in the country. Till date Sunshot technologies has commissioned 150+ sites for commercial & industrial entities in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana &. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala.

Sunshot is proud to construct rooftop solar power plant at Mumbai International Airport (4.6 MWp) and Bangalore International Airport (3.5 MWp).

Carnival infopark

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