Alicon Castalloy Ltd.

Alicon Castalloy Limited
Total Plant Capacity:
362 kWp and 600 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
14 Lakh Units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
1200 Tons


Sunshot has installed solar power plants at 2 locations of Alicon – Alicon Castalloy at Pune and Atlas Castalloy at Chinchwad.

  • The company is in the business of manufacturing parts for leading automobiles in the country. The manufacturing process requires a large amount of power consumption. To cut down on the cost of power, they wanted to install the rooftop solar power plant.
  • At both the facilities, the system has been installed on rooftops. The factory’s metal sheet roof, as well as RCC rooftops of office buildings are used. We have covered almost all the roofs to generate power.
  • Both the systems together generate more than 2000 units of electricity on a bright sunny day.
  • The solar plants are monitored online. Sunshot’s proprietary system ensures that the data acquired from inverters and weather station is stored in a cloud network, and is monitored by the client to evaluate various performance parameters. It is also used for conducting preventive maintenance activities.