Brookefields Mall

Brookefields Mall
Total Plant Capacity:
Annual Power Generated:
8.5 Lakh Units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
700 Tons


The rooftop of the mall comprises of RCC slab and GI sheets. The modules have been installed on both the roof types.

Brookefields Mall is one of the premier multi-brand retail malls in Coimbatore. It is located at Dr. Krishnasamy Mudaliyar Road, Coimbatore.

In view of using green power and saving on the cost of power from the electricity board, the mall has gone solar. The modules have been installed on the vacant roof space of the mall.

There are frequent power cuts in the city. The mall also runs on diesel generator sets in absence of power from EB. The solar power plant also works in sync with the DG sets, thus reducing diesel consumption substantially.

The solar power plant generates about 2,500 units of electricity on a bright sunny day.

About 50% of the mall’s daytime power requirement has been taken up by the solar plant.

The plant is also monitored online through Sunshot’s proprietary online monitoring system. This helps in keeping a record of the power generation on a real-time basis. It also helps in better operation and maintenance of the plant as the automated system provides alerts if the plant is not functioning properly.