Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai and Coimbatore

Cognizant Technology Solutions
Chennai and Coimbatore
Total Plant Capacity:
1,570 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
23 Lakh Units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
1900 Tons


Sunshot has installed a 500 KW carport through solar panels on top of an 8 story multi-level car-park. It is probably one of its kind in the country.

  • The multi-level car park (MCLP) is located at Chennai facility. Sunshot has raised about 9 meters high structure on the 8th floor of the MLCP. The plant is spread across 4800 Sq. mtrs. Apart from this, 348 kWp is installed at the office building.
  • The Chennai facility has no connection from local Discom.  The entire facility used to run only on DG sets. The solar plant is generating about 3300 units of electricity on a bright sunny day, cutting down on about 1900 liters of diesel consumption. Annually, the solar power plant is helping in reducing more than 3.6 lakh liters of diesel consumption.
  • At the Coimbatore facility of CTS, a 749 kWp solar power plant has been installed on the RCC roof top. The system generates more than 2900 units of electricity on a bright sunny day. Annually, it will generate about 10.8 lakh units of electricity, helping to save more than 900 tonnes of carbon emissions.
  • The plant is synchronized with DG sets along with power connection from the Discom. In case of power failure, the solar system takes reference voltage from the DG sets and reduce diesel consumption.
  • Both the plants are monitored online through Sunshot’s proprietary online monitoring system. Continuous monitoring of the power generated helps in conducting preventive maintenance activities to increase the plant up time and maximize the plant performance.