Fiat India Limited

  • Customer: Fiat India Limited
  • Location: Pune
  • Total Plant Capacity: 10 kWp
  • Annual Power Generated: 15 Thousand Units
  • Annual GHG Emissions Reduced: 12 Tons


Fiat India, a leading automobile manufacturer wanted to go green by installing rooftop solar plant. Sunshot has set up a pilot project on the rooftop of their EHS building
  • The system is installed on RCC rooftop of the building
  • A non-penetrative structure was constructed on the RCC roof. Waterproofing layer was applied before filling concrete
  • Best-in-class modules, inverter, structures, and other BOS has been installed.
  • The solar plant has produced higher generation per kWp than many other solar plants in that area
  • The solar power plant is monitored online to maintain minimum system downtime and produce maximum yield
  • The solar power plant was inaugurated by the CEO of FIAT India, Mr. Gurupratap Boparai