Kalyani Center for Technology and Innovation, Pune

Kalyani Center for Technology and Innovation (Bharat Forge)
Total Plant Capacity:
Annual Power Generated:
1.6 Lakh Units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:


Kalyani Center for Technology and Innovation (KCTI) is the R&D facility of Bharat Forge Limited. The solar plant is installed on the RCC rooftop of the premises.

  • The R&D center consumes a lot of energy. To support the company’s vision of sustainability and to reduce the cost of electricity consumed, Bharat Forge decided to install a rooftop solar power plant at the R&D facility.
  • Sunshot has installed a world-class solar power plant on the facility’s rooftop with best-in-class modules, inverters, and BOS.
  • The entire plan was to increase the generation per sq. ft. of the solar power plant. The system is designed to provide maximum generation in the available area. The plant generates 450+ units of electricity daily.
  • The plant was inaugurated by Dr. Baba Kalyani (Chairman and MD – Bharat Forge Limited).
  • The entire system is monitored online. Sunshot’s proprietary system ensures that the data acquired from inverters and weather station is stored in a cloud network, and is monitored by the client to evaluate various performance parameters. It is also used for conducting preventive maintenance activities.