Nashik City Center Mall

Nashik City Center Mall
Total Plant Capacity:
842 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
12 Lakh Units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
1000 Tons


Nashik City Center Mall is the largest mall in Nashik and is owned by The Sarda Group. Earlier, the group has installed cumulative solar power capacity of 102 kWp at Big Bazar, Camel House, Satpur Factory and Sarda House at Nashik.

The power plant has been installed on RCC, Metal and Polycarbonate sheet roofs of the mall.

The RCC roof of multilevel car parking building is utilized to install significant capacity of the power plant using 18 ft high metal structure; raised on the 7th floor of the building.

For Polycarbonate roof, safety was of prime importance. We have installed about 91 tons of steel structure on the polycarbonate sheet and RCC roof where 515 kWp capacity has been installed. Remaining 327 kWp of total capacity has been installed on various trapezoidal and Kalzip metal roofs of the mall.

Sunshot has installed advanced systems like safety railing and walkways with a lifeline for safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the power plant.

The PV modules used are of ‘twin-peak’ series which has smaller half-cut cells. The smaller size cells reduce internal resistance that increases the module output. Half cut cell arrangement operates efficiently in shadow conditions which help to achieve increased energy yield. These PV modules are enabled with ‘PERC’ (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology – a dielectric passivation layer; added to the back of the cell which absorbs more light that results into higher energy output.

The inverters installed are of smart IP65 rating. These inverters have 8 strings of intelligent monitoring and fast troubleshooting facility. These are one of the most efficient inverters, with an efficiency of 98.8%.

The solar plant is also synchronized with diesel generators along with the grid through Sunshot’s propitiatory controllers. Sunshot has installed a state of the art IoT based Online monitoring and analytics system which allows remote control of the solar power plants.