Noorya Hometel (A Sarovar Portico Group Hotel), Pune

Noorya Hometel
Pune, Maharashtra
Total Plant Capacity:
75 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
1.12 Lakh units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
90 tonnes


The solar plant is installed on 4.4 meter high structure on the 9th floor of the building. The space below the solar plant is being used as a banquet hall.

  • Noorya Hometel – part of the Sarovar Group of Hotels is located strategically near the Hinjawadi IT park and other industrial areas in Pune. It is a best-value hotel for business visitors and for conducting MICE activities
  • To reduce the cost of power and to go green, the hotel decided to install a rooftop solar power plant
  • The plant has been installed by raising structure to about 4 meters high on the 9th floor of the property. Special foam insulated metal roof has been used to create a banquet hall on the terrace floor
  • The roof is made to tilt towards the South to maximize power generation. The entire structures are designed to withstand wind speed of more than 180 Km/hr
  • The system is designed is such that it doesn’t affect the aesthetic aspects of the property
  • Sunshot has installed state-of-the-art IoT based online monitoring and analytics system which allows remote control of the solar power plant. The data helps in maintaining plant up-time.
  • The solar plant is also synchronized with diesel generator (DG) sets. The proprietary DG synchronizing technology of Sunshot seamlessly integrates the solar power plant with the DG sets in case of power failure from State Electricity Board
  • The solar power plant is taking up about 85% of the total day-time power requirement of the hotel