Panchshil Tech One Park

Panchshil Tech One Park
Total Plant Capacity:
200 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
2.9 Lakh Units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
250 Tons


Panchshil is one of the leading real estate company in India. Sunshot has installed a solar plant on the rooftop of its corporate office in Pune. The system is installed on the RCC rooftop of the building.

One peculiar thing about this solar plant is that the panels are installed in a zig-zag fashion, and are facing east-west. The structure was designed so to maximize generation per square foot of the solar power plant.

The structures used here are non-penetrative ones. The roof was not punctured at all. Large civil blocks are placed on the structures to withstand maximum wind speed in that area. The structures have passed FEA and STAAD tests.

The best-in-class equipment was used during the installation of the solar power plant. 36 KW inverters with a maximum of 4 MPPTs are installed here. These help in generating maximum power through modules placed at different orientations and azimuths.

The entire plant is monitored online through Sunshot’s proprietary online monitoring system. Continuous monitoring of the power generated helps in conducting preventive maintenance activities to increase the plant uptime and maximize plant performance.

The system is installed under the build-own-operate financial model. In this, a third party investor has invested in the solar plant and Panchshil pays to the investor on a fixed cost per unit of the total units consumed by them. The operation and maintenance of the solar plant are also taken care of by Sunshot.