Persistent Systems Ltd., Pune

Persistent Systems Limited
Total Plant Capacity:
276 kWp & 206 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
4.1 Lakh Units & 3 Lakh Units


The system is installed on all the 4 roofs of the facility.The installation has been one of the finest installations with the best-in-class equipment.

The solar modules that are installed are high power 345 Wp modules manufactured by REC. The ‘twin-peak’ series modules feature a unique design and innovative technologies to attain higher efficiency:

  • The modules contain half cut solar cells helping in reducing the resistance in the cells; resulting in more power output.
  • It uses ‘PERC’ – Passivated Emitter Rear Cell technology, helping in producing more energy.
  • It has 4 bus bars on the cells, helping in improving the overall reliability of the module.
  • It has a split junction box. It helps in heat decapitation, increasing more durability and reliability. The entire module is basically divided into two sections to achieve more power output.

The inverters that are installed are smart IP65 rating protected inverters manufactured by Huawei. 6 inverters of 36 kW each are installed here. These inverters have 8 string intelligent monitoring and fast troubleshooting facility. It has 4 MPPTs for versatile adaptations to different layouts. These are one of the most efficient modules, with an efficiency of 98.8%.

The material of mounting structures is made up of POSMAC. It is coated with Magnesium, Aluminium, Zinc alloy. The galvanization is such that it remains rust free for more than 25 years. This is the most suitable material for solar structures.

The solar power plant generates about 1,100 units of electricity on a bright sunny day. Annually, it will generate about 4.1 Lakh units of electricity.

A complete energy management system has been installed for better operation and maintenance of the solar power plant. An HMI (Human Machine Interface) has been installed on the solar LT panel. This can display various energy parameters like irradiation, wind speed, temperature, etc. along with solar plant generation numbers.

The solar plant is synchronized with diesel generators along with the grid through Sunshot’s proprietary controllers. Sunshot has installed state-of-the-art IoT based online monitoring and analytics system which allows remote control of the solar power plant.