S. R. Thorat Milk Products Pvt. Ltd., Sangamner

S R Thorat Milk & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.
Total Plant Capacity:
Annual Power Generated:
1.8 Lakh Units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
150 Tons


As a processing unit, S R Thorat requires a continuous and uninterrupted power supply to run their chiller units and other processing machines. In view of saving on the cost of power, the company decided to install a rooftop solar plant.

S. R. Thorat is a leading milk processing unit in Sangamner, (Ahmednagar Dist.). Its milk and milk products are sold across Maharashtra.

A great deal of emphasis has been put on the structural components. The solar plant on the milk processing section plant has been set-up on GI sheets, along with T6 grade aluminium short rails. Sunshot’s engineering team has ensured that the plant is light, and corrosion free and can withstand high wind conditions with ease. Aluminium clamps designed as per STAAD have been used to ensure strong durability and sturdiness. The solar plant on the RCC roof has been set up using hot-dip galvanized structures with 80 microns thickness.

Sunshot has installed its state of the art Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) setup at the plant. This proprietary online dashboard enables the customer to monitor the plant in real time and also provides timely performance related updates and maintenance related notifications periodically. Solar plants need periodic cleaning to enhance their performance.

This particular plant has been installed with an inbuilt sprinkler system. This system can begin cleaning the plant at a push of a button.