The Kensington Club, Nashik

The Kensington Club
Nashik, Maharashtra
Total Plant Capacity:
112 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
1.6 Lakh Units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
140 tonnes


The ground-mounted solar power plant is installed such that it forms a shed to car parking lot. The solar modules are raised to a height of 4 meters from the ground. Any vehicle of the size of an SUV can be easily parked here.

  • Kensington Club is one of the prestigious clubs in Nashik, it is situated on the banks of river Godavari
  • To cater to its power requirement, the club was traditionally consuming 100% of power through MSEDCL.
  • Sunshot has installed a 112 kWp solar power plant as a car parking lot in the premises
  • The solar power plant is taking up about 80% of total power consumption requirements of the club
  • The system is installed under the ‘Net Metering’ scheme of MSEDCL. During peak hours, when the consumption is less, the excess generated power is fed back to the main discom grid and is consumed back when load is more
  • The solar plant was installed in 2018.
  • The expected pay-back period of the plant is 3 years.
  • Total plant is helping in saving about Rs. 16 Lakhs annually
  • The entire system is monitored online. Sunshot’s proprietary system ensures that the data acquired from inverters and weather station is stored in a cloud network, and is monitored by client to evaluate various performance parameters. It is also used for conducting preventive maintenance activities.