Wet N Joy Water Park, Shirdi

Malpani’s Wet n Joy Water Park
Shirdi, Maharashtra
Total Plant Capacity:
452 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
6.3 Lakh units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
600 tonnes


A part of the system is installed on a circular shaped roof of the main entrance building. The other part is installed on the GI sheet rooftop of the theme park located on the other side of the road.

  • Solar modules are pasted on the circular roof of the entrance building. 57 kWp solar plant has been installed here. The modules are placed in different orientation and azimuths. Inverters with 4MPPTs are installed to maximize power generation from modules placed on different azimuths.
  • The other 395 kWp solar plant has been installed on the Theme park that is located near Wet n Joy Water Park. Here, the modules are pasted on the metal sheet roof of the building
  • Sunshot has installed state-of-the-art IoT based online monitoring and analytics system which allows remote control of the solar power plant. The data helps in maintaining plant up-time.
  • The solar plant is also synchronized with diesel generator (DG) sets. The proprietary DG synchronizing technology of Sunshot seamlessly integrates the solar power plant with the DG sets in case of power failure from State Electricity Board.
  • The solar plant is taking up about nearly 50% of the total day-time power requirement of the hotel
  • The expected pay-back of the solar power plant is less than 3 years.