Whirlpool of India Ltd., Faridabad

Whirlpool of India Limited
Total Plant Capacity:
800 kWp
Annual Power Generated:
11.2 Lakh units
Annual GHG Emissions Reduced:
920 Tons


Whirlpool of India is a leading home appliances manufacturer. In view of reducing the cost of electricity, the company decided to install solar power plant.
The plant is installed on East-West facing roof of the factory. The panels are given a South tilt for maximising power generation.

Apart from this, the plant is installed on the metal sheet and GI sheet roof of the factory shed.

Best-in-class modules, inverters, and BOS have been used during the installation of the system.

The solar plant is synchronized with diesel generators along with the grid through Sunshot’s propitiatory controllers.

Sunshot has installed its state of the art Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) setup at the plant. This proprietary online dashboard enables the customer to monitor the plant in real time and also provides timely performance related updates and maintenance related notifications periodically. Solar plants need periodic cleaning to enhance their performance.